Managing political risk, HRM, international staffing, women in business


•Explain and contrast the strategies to manage international political risk. •Explain and contrast the purpose and implications of various approaches to managing ethics within international business. •Explain and contrast the various approaches to staffing, and compensating managers for international management posts.

Quick Response

The expansion of business internationally demands an entity in different countries with consideration of the mission, vision, goals, and policies as well as account the legal as well as ethical issues in international business. Ethical issues in international business include supervisory oversight, trust and integrity, human rights, child labor, the political arena, corruption, equal opportunity, outsourcing, and workplace diversity among others. One strategy of promoting ethics when engaged in international business includes the social justice approach(Blaikie, Cannon, Davis, & Wisner, 2014). The approach argues that the manager’s actions are equitable, impartial, and fair to all individuals and groups. Therefore, employees should not be distinguished based on gender, race, religion and other aspects that promote unethical behavior…

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