Martha, a new Release of Information Clerk is being trained. She has been given a copy of the release of information (ROI) procedure to follow, which is (in part) as follows:
Walk-in Requests
1. Validate authorization
2. Process the request
3. Enter the request into the ROI database
On Friday morning, at the end of Martha’s first week, a woman stating she was Mrs. Turner walked in requesting her records. Joyce, Martha’s trainer had been called to the HIM Director’s office, so Martha was on her own. She presented Mrs. Turner with an authorization form, and once it was completed, she printed the records requested. These were lab tests, which included pregnancy results. Martha presented the records to Mrs. Turner, and then proceeded to enter information into the ROI database as per protocol. When Joyce returned to the office, she reviewed Martha’s handling of the request. Joyce became concerned about the request because Mrs. Turner was well known to her and her review of the authorization identified a concern with the signature. When she asked Martha for a description of the woman, her fears were confirmed that it was not Mrs. Turner who had requested the records.
Share 3-4 recommendations to the ROI procedure to ensure that this type of release error would be less likely to happen in the future?