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Only one set of decisions needs to be made by each team. All team members will have access to the decision areas for all other members. You only need to make decisions for your assigned area, but you can see what decisions other team members are making, if needed. For example, before making decisions in marketing, where you have a primary role, you can click the R&D tab to see what decisions have been made.

When you are done, be sure to select File, then Save Decisions from the dropdown menu when you are done, or else your team members will not be able to see your decisions. You must select Save Decisions and exit Capsim before your teammates can view your decisions. If you decide that you need to make a change, you can make the necessary adjustments to your decisions and select File and Save Decisions once again to overwrite the previously saved decisions. Choose Exit to return to the Participant Dashboard.

Once a round is processed, you can then begin to make decisions for the next round. If you miss the deadline, your round will be processed with the decisions from the past round, unchanged, or with any partial decisions your team has made.

After Round 4, your team role ends, and you will begin your individual analysis of the decision-making process spanning the past four rounds and the outcome of those decisions.

Proceed to the next step to begin analyzing your contribution to your team as well as your teams results.

You have now finished working with your team on implementing a local strategy for MediCorp. At this point you will transition into an individual role of an analyst for MCS. Each person on the team will do his or her own analysis of results without any consultation with other team members or with students on other teams.

Submit an analysis of Rounds 1 through 4 of the simulation by answering the questions provided in the Project 3 Analysis Questions template. Your report should be eight to ten pages (approximately 250 to 300 words per question), double spaced, excluding cover page. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included in the body of your answers. Your report should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. In-text citations and references should abide by APA format. Do not delete the questions as you complete the template.