Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) juggle many tasks in their day-to-day professions. They may be responsible for doctors’ schedules, maintenance of health records, billing, answering phones, and many other tasks. A successful MOA will be able to prioritize and get multiple tasks done each day while providing excellent care to patients.


The purpose of this paper is to help you find strategies that will help you prioritize, manage your
time wisely, and multi-task a variety of responsibilities in your current or future roles as a
medical office assistant.

1. For this assignment, you will write a 3–4-page research-based paper (1,100–1,500 word
count). The title page, abstract, and reference page do not count as part of the 3–4 pages.
2. The paper must be formatted in current APA style and must include a title page, abstract,
and reference page formatted using current APA style.
3. The paper will focus on the need for multi-tasking and its importance in a medical office.
It must also include strategies for successful multi-tasking for an MOA in the office.
Discuss how these strategies will help the MOA to navigate through the systems while
providing excellent customer service to his/her patients.
4. The paper must include at least 3 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook
and the Bible, making for a total of 5 references. (Do not use or


Practical Advice for Conducting Paper Research
When you search for best practices for multi-tasking in a professional environment, you may
experience some difficulty with finding resources in the online library that specifically address
the subject of multi-tasking. Try to think of other terms that mean the same as multi-tasking.
What is multi-tasking? It means doing more than one thing at a time. What is the purpose of
multi-tasking? To get more done in a short period of time. How can you get more done in a finite
period of time? By managing time wisely, being organized, prioritizing tasks, and using
technology that can make task completion more efficient. Look for terms such as “time
management,” “prioritizing tasks,” and “strategies for being more efficient with the use of
technology.” You are not required for find articles that are specific to healthcare. Multi-tasking or time
management is a skill that can be used in any profession, so feel free to use research materials
that are not healthcare or medical office-related, but could be applied in a medical office

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