This assignment focuses on Medical radiations student. Also, there is a description of reflective practice and its importance.

Medical radiations student-reflective practice and its importance

Discussion on reflective practice and its importance to you as a medical radiations student.

Reflective practices are essential skills to be used and learnt to a medical student.  Besides, it is a powerful technique can enhance practitioners’ clinical knowledge in continuously way as they faced a lot of anxiety factors accompany with the patients that will undergo a cancer diagnosis, including the spiritual, social, mental, physical, and finances situation burdens. Moreover, other factors could affect therapy’s responses and approaches which is involving a patient’s age, society, education and family history (Washington el ai.,2015).  Also, Reflective practice learning enhanced critical thinking and creativity communication which are enabling medical professionals to take this responsibility

 Medical radiations student-reflective practice and its importance

In 1983, Schon had developed the concepts of reflection and stated that there are two reflection types. While, Including reflection in action and reflection on action (Hamilton & Druva, 2010). Reflection in action which occurs in a situation or workplace, including observational analysis, touching or feeling to solve issues. Which improve the self-awareness and faiths of the specialists. And the reflection on the action which occurs after a situation has finished by reviewing and analyzing the experiences to become aware of and acquire new knowledge, future habits (Olteanu, 2017).

 In assumption, reflective writing is essential to improve continuously in future professional life. Also,  I believe that it can develop skills that needed to deal with the multifaceted problem and increase the ability to recognize the circumstances according to the person’s standpoint. Consensually, they provide them with a deep understanding of the diseases to guarantee that all patient  cared and helped. I believe that reflective practice can serve more medical students as it has increased self-awareness, knowledge, precision and confidence. Besides, these are valuable qualifications which should help each specialist gain to develop to make our patients. Also,  ourselves and other team members in the best environment.


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