Synthesize your learning this week using your readings, the lectures, and class discussion to address the basic history, roles, and levels of care in the modern American healthcare system. Differentiate between medicine and healthcare using the 2 approaches discussed in the lectures. Address the fundamental contributors to an individual’s health using both the 3-legged stool model and the percentage model. 



Medicine vs Healthcare 

Medicine is the message of hope and healing from one who has the knowledge to skills to another that is suffering 

50’s to 60’s to 70’s things changed 3rd parties money left on the table. 3rd parties have integrated between the patient and physician. Now patients don’t trust the provider 

Profits drive health care not quality

Key movers risk management profit margins 

Satisfaction is secondary.

Medicine is the message of hope and healing between physician and patient 

Healthcare business of delivering the message – 3rd parties such as insurance, drug reps 

The multibillion-dollar used to be only patient/physician

People don’t feel the primary goal is them 


Lecture 2 

2-3 legs and percentages 

 Healthcare is a business based on 3 drivers- risk reduction, cost reduction, and increase profit margin- stockholders will benefit by increasing stock price. 


Medicine 3 primary legs- nutrition, exercise, and rest/recovery- rest-recovery most important of the three 

Nutrition – processed foods are not good, vegetarian/ Mediterranean, -based is good 

Percentages – 50 percent is based on personal choice, 20 percent – environment – 20 percent -genetically based on what on diet- 5%:  -10 percent is based on things that can be cut out, medical care is the rest treated by antibiotics 

Longevity- active lifestyle, veggie/ Mediterranean, socialization of the elderly- increases life span

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