This assignment explores Meeting the needs of diverse learners. On the other hand, it examines the needs of Children from diverse language and cultural contexts.

Meeting the needs of diverse learners-language and cultural contexts

Assessment 2: Mathematics- Meeting the needs of diverse learners. All schools share the mission of helping every student reach his or her full potential. However, teachers often find students in a class showing much diversity in their needs and interests. Students differ a lot in their motivation, prior knowledge and skills, learning styles, multiple intelligences, interests and backgrounds. To tap each student’s potential, teachers need to value each student as an individual capable of making progress. Embracing learner diversity is therefore an important direction in school-based curriculum development. For this task you are required to research and develop an essay examining the needs of one groups of learners who form part of the diverse learning context in mathematics. This could include one of the following:

Meeting the needs of diverse learners-language and cultural contexts

• Children from diverse language and cultural contexts • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children • Children with additional needs • Gifted learners Your essay will present the key concerns faced by this group relation to engaging with mathematics either in a school or early learning context. Your response should also identify research-based strategies and resources to help enable these children to become capable mathematical thinkers and learners. Part A Criteria • Clearly identifies the key concerns for the identified group in relation to mathematic learning • Strong analysis that draws on theory, research and literature. • Use of strengths-based and respectful language • Demonstrated knowledge of mathematical concepts and processes as they relate to either early years learning or the Australian Curriculum/ NSW Syllabus. • Sound APA referencing.

Detailed Instructions


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