The assignment describes Men experience in Female Dominated Work. Besides, there is also a description of Gendered Labour Market. So, deal with your core concepts and constructs.

Men experience in Female Dominated Work – Gendered Labour Market

Description We should know – Aim, core constructs/concepts you will be engaging with in the write up, structure (that is, what do you do in each section up to the conclusion) , core authors you will draw from, and the summative statement – a statement of what your overall argument is ‘as a statement. Your second section should deal with your core concepts and constructs –(Theorising or theoretical framing of the essay). This should be where you explain some of the concepts and constructs/concepts that you engage with subsequently in articulating mens and womens experiences. The third part which should be your body should engage with using the concepts to explain the varied experiences of men regarding their roles in female dominated work.

Men experience in Female Dominated Work – Gendered Labour Market

I think your engagement with Simpsons typology from the readings among other things is a very good way to do this – just make sure you draw from it rigorously. You need to also clarify why we have gendered labour market and gendered roles where men are expected to do certain jobs and women are expected to be more suited for certain roles. These should come into your theorising. Any critiques you wish to mention should come into your theorising section. Are there critiques for glass escalator? The question is focused on applying the glass escalator to explain/explore/examine/articulate/explicate mens experiences in female dominated roles. Once you explain the glass escalator, and other related constructs/concepts.

Men experience in Female Dominated Work – Gendered Labour Market

Also, focus on applying the concept and showing how it may help explain varied experiences and what these experiences are. The essay requires you to engage the glass escalator to articulate men’s experiences in female dominated roles. I think you have done a very commendable work required for the first part of the essay, which is understanding and articulating the relevant concepts and constructs liked to s well as explaining the glass escalator. However, what are these experiences? How can you draw from the literature provided? Mens experiences same? What these different experiences? In fact, do men join female dominated jobs for the same reason? Do their various reasons for joining affect their experiences of work in female dominated roles? Do you not think that Simpsons typology can help you better articulate this requirement? Think about it.

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