This is a Mental Health and Society Referral Assignment. On the other hand, it touches upon  recovery and treatment processes. So, you are to focus on the UK so data provided must relate to the UK.

Mental Health and Society Referral Assignment : recovery and treatment processes

Mental Health and Society Referral Assignment



The referral task for the unit assignment will be to produce a 2,000 word report. So,it should be in a Non-Scientific Report format – using section headings – using a clear font (Arial 10, Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 12) and double spaced. The report format should be as follows: 

1.     Title page (you must provide your own title)

2.     Abstract or Executive Summary (on a separate page)

3.     Table of contents (which includes page numbers for the different sections/subsections and should be on a new page)

4.     Introduction

5.     Discussion of findings (should consist of different headed sections/subsections; subheading titles should also appear in your table of contents)

6.     Conclusion

7.     References

8.     Appendix/Appendices. If used, appendices should be given titles and these titles should appear in the contents page. (Note you do not have to use appendices.)


 Mental Health and Society Referral Assignment : recovery and treatment processes

The task is as follows:


Choosing ONE mental health condition, or illness, critically evaluate how service users are supported in their recovery and treatment processes by mental health services, private providers and third sector support organisations.


(1)   You are expected to draw on both qualitative and quantitative data. You are to focus on the UK so data provided must relate to the UK.

(2)   You can briefly discuss/define the mental illness but the report must focus on critically evaluating the support service users receive from mental health services as well as private organisations and the voluntary sector in relation to their recovery. As you are looking at support in their recovery, you need to think more broadly than just treatment for the illness; you need to think about what other types of support a person with a mental illness might get e.g. back to work support, assistance in training or education, social activities, and so on.

Detailed Instructions


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