Public sociology is widely debated in sociology both in North America and around the world.  For its critics, Burawoy’s public sociology undermines the objectivity of the discipline and has the potential to harm our credibility and lower the quality of our research. And it pushes sociology to be more left wing and partisan than is ideal.  

Some scholars  who agree with his goals think he is well meaning but has not gone far enough in critiquing mainstream sociology and offering a non-Eurocentric and critical perspective.

  For his supporters, he has created space for more quality public and critical sociology by theorizing these practices in new ways and offering an argument for their importance and a diplomatic compromise with professional sociology. 

Discuss, with specific and detailed references to the Burawoy article and the examples of  Mead, Hochschild, Merton, Goffman and Haidt and their social psychological ideas.

6 pages doubled spaced, discussing Merton, Goffman, Mills and Hochschild with attention to Burawoy.

Sources should be the linked articles

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