Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

For this assignment,revise the Methods from the Research Report in PSY-452. You are requiredto keep the following sections: participants,materials/instruments/apparatuses, procedures, and design. As you makerevisions to the Methods make sure to include the following informationin each section:

  1. Introduction paragraph: Describe the needfor additional research on your topic, which you found and pointed to atthe end of the literature review. State the purpose of your study in aproblem statement or hypothesis. Finally, write a thesis statement thatdescribes what the purpose of this section of the paper is: to presentthe methods including participants, materials, procedures, and design,that will be used to conduct the study.
  2. Participants: In thissection, you are only to focus on presenting the demographic of thosewho can participate in your study. You will also present any excludingfactors that are not implied when stating who can participate. Bespecific about any factors that would be included in the study (i.e.age, gender, race/ethnicity, SES, education level, etc.). Include howmany participants you will need to conduct the study. Your sample sizeshould be based on how you plan to generalize the results. In otherwords, to whom would the results be applied?
  3. Materials/Instruments/Apparatuses:List all materials you will need to conduct your study. Do not discusshow they will be used, just state what you need (i.e. tables, chairs, aroom, pencils, surveys, a computer to create surveys, send them out andstore the data, etc.)
  4. Procedures: Make sure this section iswritten in detail. You will begin with providing informed consent andwrite detailed directions that you will follow (in paragraph format) toconduct this study. It should be so clearly written that anotherresearcher could replicate your study.
  5. Design: Describe thedesign of your study (descriptive, correlational, qualitative,quantitative and/or experimental). Also, describe how participants areassigned to groups if applicable (i.e. within/between).
  6. Conclusion paragraph: Summarize the main points from the whole research proposal Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style. i will be attaching each document that I have so far thats related to this assignment. everything I have is about general anxiety and my future career which is going to be clinical mental health.