MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people (Hiring solutions)

MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people- An Evaluation of the current R&S process for a specific job role. The ultimate hiring solution. Identification of the possible issue(s) in the current practice.

You will need to research, evaluate the current R&S process for a specific job role, and identify the possible issue(s) in the current practice. Based on your evaluation, you will introduce an additional selection technique (or replace an existing technique) in detail that strengthens the current selection practice. When doing so, you will focus on how and why the organisation could use this technique to improve their selection outcomes.

Through this  MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people assessment, you will develop

  • Firstly, An in-depth understanding of a selection technique, and
  • Secondly, your ability to apply your knowledge to a specific organisational setting and a particular role in that setting
  • Your ability to communicate key messages to your audience in a typical business format

 MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people: Target Audience

The audience for your report will be the senior management team at your selected organisation. Therefore, the material within the report must reflect a perfect balance between academic/evidence-based rigour and practical application.

Then, select your selection technique for your hiring solution from the five options below: 

  • Shortlisting procedures
  • Structured selection interviews
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Personality tests
  • Work samples

Finally, the proposed structure for  MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people Assignment includes:

  • Cover page
    • Title of assessment
    • Tutor’s Name
    • Word count
  • Introduction
  • Critical analysis: In this case, try to provide a summary of gaps/issues in the current selection process
  • Introducing the new selection technique: In particular, what it measures, validity and reliability
  • Implementation of new technique: In this case, what are the requirements for effective use of the introduced selection technique in the organisation?

Detailed Instructions

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