M2 – GM Micro-Challenge: Country Research

Your manager’s memo to you is below.  In it your manager is giving you tasks to address regarding international trade.  You are not expected to already know the answer, just be able to find and use the resources available to develop an accurate response.      

Your memo should start with an introduction that reminds the manager what s/he requested you to do.  Next, give your manager a brief overview of what is in your memo.  Then, respond to each question you were requested to address in its own paragraph.  For each one, you should clearly state the question(s) you understood you were to address. Then give a written response to the question which summarizes the source information you found.  Your written response should then be supported with (1) an image that shows the specific source information you used, and (2) a weblink to that source in case your manager wants to seek out additional information.  Respond to each topic/question you were requested to address in sequence.  Note: An image does not replace your written response, it only shows the source information used.  Finally, you may choose to provide a conclusion to your memo.

You should provide info about the sources as is illustrated in the example below.  Screen clip an image of each source and include it.  That image should show the name of YOUR COUNTRY.   


Subject: Research on YOUR COUNTRY

A small US business has contacted our organization and requested help.  They want to know more about YOUR COUNTRY because they may want to export there.

You have been tasked with helping identify and review some information sources for the management team to aid in that evaluation.  Finding quality information is very important task as that information will serve as the foundation for the company’s decisions.     

Your efforts will be focused on two distinct objectives: (1) locating helpful secondary research about YOUR COUNTRY in general, and (2) finding US governmental resources that would aid in this effort and help the US company meet the laws for export. 

A.  Below are eight sources that our organization has used in the past along with their weblink. Examine all of them for information about YOUR COUNTRY.  Number each of the ten resources.  Include the name of the resource, a one sentence description of the kind of country information available in the resource, an image of some information in the resource about YOUR COUNTRY, and a weblink to the specific info about YOUR COUNTRY.    

B. Supplement this table with information about YOUR COUNTRY from two additional resources.  These resources should be from an international organization or a US agency. Include the same information for them as well.       

C. Find two individuals that work with the US Commercial Service that can help facilitate the company’s export efforts of an agricultural product to YOUR COUNTRY. Include their names, titles, agency, and contact information.  At least one of these individuals with the US Commercial Service should be located in YOUR COUNTRY (or its region of the world).   

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