In lieu of traditional assessment of learning (quizzes or exams), your assessments in this course will be application-based and reflective in nature. For your midpoint assessment, you will have an opportunity to reflect on what you have read and learned in Chapters 1-5 and connect with each other around related content presented in the media.

As a way to assess your learning at this point in the course, I would like for you  to reflect on what you have read. Details on what to post are included in the assignment. This is simply a guide to earning your full credit.

GRADE: (50 possible points)

Your post should be at least 3-5 paragraphs.

You will be graded based on: (50 pts. possible)

    the quantity (your post is at least 3-5 paragraphs) 10 pts.
    the quality (your should indicate to me that you have read and given thought to what you have read) 35 pts.
    the timeliness (by 11:59PM on the due date-Friday, February 4th) 5 pts.

As far as your posts and earning full credit. I am looking for depth in your post that indicates to me that you have read the chapter and given some thought to the material. You might do this by including examples, supplemental videos or articles, thoughts or questions for the group to ponder, etc.

    The following submissions would not earn you full credit:

“I thought Chapter 1 was really cool. It made me think about teaching and educational psychology. I had no idea what all that field covered and that so much went in to teaching. I have a new respect for teachers now. I am looking forward to learning more.”

This submission does not meet the minimum requirements and does not indicate to me that they read the chapter. It really does nothing more than tell me how they “feel” not what they learned.

“The case study really made me think. I am not sure why they handled it that way. I would have done it totally different. I think I would have had the student respond first. I thought overall though they did a good job.”

This submission started off with a promising tone, but quickly went downhill. First, I have no idea what case study the student is referring to so I have no contact for the follow up. Generalized comments such as, that was really good, they did a good job, I really liked it could be good starters but you have to elaborate to earn full credit.

    The following submission would likely earn you partial credit:

“I really appreciated the information in chapter 1 about how to study and learn effectively. As a student, I know that I am already implementing some of these practices, but there are some that I read about I would like to try. When I relate the material to experiences I have already had, it is a lot easier for me to remember what I am learning. For example…”

    The following submission would likely earn you full credit (if it was at least 2 paragraphs of course this is just an example of a great start):

“After reading about Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, I was looking for some good examples that might make the content come to life. I actually found a really great video series on YouTube that I think would be worth sharing with the class. In this video that I linked above, you can see the children in the Pre-Operational stage. They are being asked to make assessments and decisions about the items placed in front of them. Piaget indicated that children at this age do not have sufficient reasoning abilities and also have inclusion issues. After reading the text and watching the video, I realized that I have already witnessed some of these developmental changes with my niece.

My niece Ella just turned 2 and has been doing a lot of pretend play. She really loves playing Mommy to her baby dolls and according to Piaget, she is also in the Pre-Operational Stage which emerges around age 2. One lingering question I had is what does it mean if children exhibit signs of the stages outside of the age range Piaget theorized?”

This submission clearly indicates to me that the student has read, explored further, thought about the content, and applied to everyday observations. I appreciate they included a link to resources and asked lingering questions. I could go on, but the takeaway is that, I am aware what the student read, their thoughts, and they elaborated on why that material resonated with them. I am also hoping their post would continue and share what they would like to try and meet the minimum requirements of 3 paragraphs.