Mock Interview

Part I. Complete a descriiptive (narrative) assessment (using the information you gathered from the mock interview). It will not be as in-depth as Autumn Eyes but you will refer to the outline on pp. 577-581 for the format. Please do not add additional information to the assessment. For example, if you did not ask the client about her/his recreational activities you will not include No. 10 in your descriiptive assessment.
Part II: Complete a one-two page reflective summary/critique of your mock interview. Consider the following reflective questions.
What are your thoughts on the Mock Interview Experience?
What skills did you learn?
How can you apply what you learned to the enhancement of your social skills?
What about this experience challenged you as a potential social worker?
What questions did this experience make you have?
What might have you done differently?
How can you use this experience to assist future clients?
Your assigned client is a 15-year male (you will ask the client for more identifying information). Reason for referral: Client is a good student; however, he has missed several days and has been referred to the social worker who works with the County Truancy Outreach program. What factors contribute to the client absence in school? You will conduct an interview with the client to gather more information. Identify your agency (What agency provides initial services to your client?) What resources will you share?