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Everyone Sells

We will be having a mix of written reflections and discussions this semester. The goal of these interactions is to apply what we’ve learned. For this week, consider the Week 1 lecture and provide commentary on the following questions. The class is divided into multiple discussion groups. You will be using these groups throughout the semester.

For this assignment you will need to make at least three (3) separate posts to earn full points. A post must be at least three (3) sentences to qualify as a post. You may create an original post or comment on peer’s or group of peer’s posts. Use these assignments to create a sense of community in your Discussion Group.

  • Why do you agree or disagree with the following statement, “Every job is a sales job?
  • How do you feel when someone ignores you and how do you feel when someone is interested in your what you are saying? Why are these so different?
  • Think about the last time you were at an event when people were excited to interact. What was the energy like in the room? How is that different from when people are disinterested?
  • Considering the two communication models in the lecture what will you do differently the next time you have a meeting for school or work?
  • “You are in control”

    What was it like to “get small” and when you “did the pose”? Think back to your last interview. What did you do while you were waiting for the interview? What was your posture? What were you doing? How could you modify your actions to influence your performance?Amy Cuddy talked about “Fake it until you make it”, and Frank Bettger shared that if you force yourself to act enthusiastic, youll become enthusiastic. What is the logic and support for these opinions? Where have you or can you apply these ideas in your own life?You will need to make at least three (3) posts to the discussion with the posts occurring both at the beginning of the week (Sun – Wed) and the end of the week (Thurs – Sat).Note: a quality post brings new information or insights to the discussion. It is more than confirming, agreeing or summarizing others. A post must be at least three (3) sentences.

  • Your reflection will be graded as follows:
    • 4 = All key points are presented, and the content is applied
    • 3 = You posted in both the first half and second half of the week
    • 2 = You posted three times
    • 1 = You posted something