This assignment entails Persuasive speech outline. There is also a discussion on Motivation for Listening Review. Therefore, keep in mind the speech needs to be 5 about minutes long.

Persuasive speech outline – Motivation for Listening Review


This is writing for a Persuasive speech outline.

This is the outline that you need to follow. Please make sure that your format closely follows this format and style. Again, do not use any other outline found outside this course. Furthermore, I uploaded an example of what an outline format looks like. Additionally, keep in mind the speech needs to be 5 about minutes long. Also, no cover sheet needs just outline and cites page.


First, attention getter
Secondly, Motivation for Listening
Thirdly, establish Credibility
Fourthly, thesis Statement
Fifthly, preview of Speech (Main points)

Transition to the body of speech

Persuasive speech outline – Motivation for Listening Review


In this, establish the Problem.
Analysis (opinion) and research


Additionally, establishing Opposing Viewpoints.
Buildup and Breakdown


Call to Action
Furthermore, Visualization/Solution how would your plan work?
Also, specific plan of action: What can we do? Include your audience.

Transition to the conclusion

Persuasive speech outline – Motivation for Listening Review


Summary of Main Points
Reiterate Call to Action
Throwback to Attention Getter

Remember, the topic is Why Children should NOT wear uniforms in school. Thus, here are some ideas on subtopic. They take away our freedom. Additionally, they’re uncomfortable (especially for kids sensitive to certain fabrics). Also, they waste money(can be expensive for single parents). Finally, they’re not appropriate(meaning during summer/winter)

Research Articles:
Vastness from different types (4-5 minimum)
Work Cited Page APA style and matches to all in-text
In-text Citations after ALL information in each section

Detailed Instructions


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