You are called into your supervisor’s office where he tells you that you have been assigned to be the leader of a virtual team. The team has been tasked with assessing the feasibility of the company manufacturing and marketing an inexpensive athletic shoe to be sold in Brazil. You will be responsible for getting the team up and running, maintaining open and clear lines of communications, and ultimately launching the product if it is found to be feasible.

Your supervisor hands you a list of the team members—twelve of them. Three work in the United States ( two in Oregon, and one in New York City). Two work in England, two in China, two in India, and three in Brazil. All all were born in the country in which they work. All speak English, though some speak it better than others.

Explain in detail:
-What challenges do you expect the team will face because of its multicultural makeup?

-How can you help the team overcome these challenges?

-What are the opportunities and benefits presented by the multicultural makeup of the team?

-Minimum 560 words

-please use two sources with intext quotes