Question 1                                                                                                                                                   1 pts


Your text book (pg. 369) describes the multiplication principle in terms of tasks whereas I have chosen to describe things in terms of decisions. Either way of looking at it is fine. As you practice, however, it is important to take the time to break down problems in terms of tasks or decisions. Let’s walk through one together:

A new state employee is offered a choice of ten basic health plans, three dental plans, and two vision care plans. How many different health-care plans are there to choose from if one plan is selected form each category?

Notice first that a health-care plan consists in a sequence of decisions to be made concerning a basic health plan, a dental plan, and a vision plan. Let 

 be the set of basic health plan options, 


 the set of dental health options, and 


 the set of vision health options. Then the set of all possible health-care plans can be represented by the Cartesian product




The answer to the question in the problem is the size of this set – i.e.




Question 2               1 pts


The New Shanghai Restaurant offers a choice of three appetizers, two choices of soups, and ten choices of entrees for its lunch special. How many different complete lunches can be ordered from the restaurant’s lunch special menu?


Question 3               1 pts


In recent years, the state of California issued license plates using a combination of one letter of the alphabet followed by three digits, followed by another three letters of the alphabet. How many different license plates can be issued using this configuration?


Question 4               1 pts


A group of five boys and three girls are to be lined up to have their photo taken. The only requirement is that all the boys must be lined up together and all the girls must be lined up together. In how many different ways could the photo be taken?

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