This is the <instruction>

Please choose a short segment of your song and describe it using the specific musical terminology that we have discussed in class: “melisma” instead of “lots of notes on one syllable”, “homophonic texture” instead of “a melody with some other stuff underneath,” etc. You should discuss the following features in detail: melodic contour, texture, timbres, tempo, and meter. No more than 250 words.


My choice of segment of this song is 0:40 to 1:10


This is the link of the song:

this is <Grading Rubric>


  1. Includes accurate description of the 5 musical elements.


  1. Observations are specific and grounded in sound: “The chorus has a thick, homophonic texture, comprised of accompaniment drums, guitars, and piano, and a vocal melody.”


  1. The analysis is written clearly and vividly in academic prose.


  1. No errors in syntax and/or grammar. Meets the minimum word count requirement.