Essay on a serial killer known as the grim sleeper

Write an essay on a serial killer known as the grim sleeper. The three major theories are Social Control Theories, Labeling Theories, and Conflict Theories. These theories have to be explained, please read the rubric for more information

The serial killer known as Grim Sleeper has been known for the murders and one attempted murder in California. His case has made people be afraid of his actions. This aspect is linked to the labeling theory that identifies that people come to embrace a particular behavior, crime in this case. This scenario caused people to treat them more negatively including the execution ruling made in the court. On the other hand, Karl Marx identifies that conflict theory is applicable in cases where competition for resources exists. Hence, the theory is not applicable since murders were not directly linked to maximizing benefits. Social control theory could suggest that grim sleeper broke the laws due to lack of stable relationships, values, beliefs, norms, commitments that encourage them to uphold the law…

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