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Please answer the following below tasks in separate documents

Module 3 Discussion


Please be sure to read Chapters 8 and 9 in the text and identify an example of a successful team experience and one that was less than successful.

What were some of the issues, with respect to communication, based on this experience? Outline which strategies you would recommend to address the communication issues. Define the difference between a group and a team. What is harder manage, a team or a group? Why?

Be sure to review the sample post before creating your post to ensure you understand what is expected. Include citations from resources that you have read that will support your position here.


An initial posting should be made by Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST. You should also substantively contribute to the discussion by replying to at least two of your peers by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. Support your initial posts and response posts with scholarly sources cited in APA style.




Here is the outline for your article reviews that will be submitted in a Turnitin link for Weeks 15. Consider this an executive summary of your learning, so maximum length for this review is two to three pages (not counting cover page and references). Your article will focus on one key area that you read about and topic you would like to explore in greater detail. For example, in Week 1, we will read Chapters 14 in our text. You might discover that the material covering motivation was interesting to you given your current situation at work (or a past employer). You would then look for an article that sheds light on your interest in this topic. Thought leaders are a great source of insight, and our library at Rivier is rich in additional resources to meet your academic needs.

Research Format

1. Your name

2. Title and source of article

3. Why did you choose this article?

4. What is the key strategic message in the article that would make us want to read the

article as it pertains to chapter content for the week under review?

5. What key strategic organization dynamic concept from our text is reflected in this article?

These article reviews will test your research skills and ability to integrate this research into course principles for a deeper appreciation of organization dynamics.


Supplemental Resources


Gotta share by Improv EverywhereLinks to an external site.

Synopsis: A fun, short music video on the effect that social media has on our society.

The workforce crisis of 2030 – and how to start solving it now by Rainer StrackLinks

to an external site.

Synopsis: Because it is predicted that by 2030 there will be more jobs than adult

citizens to do those jobs, Strack suggests looking around the world for employees,

however before they can do this, companies must develop new strategies to run

their business and deal with new employees.