For this assignment, you must do some research on the nature vs. nurture debate. The nature vs.
nurture debate is a long-standing debate in the field of child development. This debate tries to
understand how biology and genetic inheritance influence behavior, thoughts, and development.
While there is philosophy that tries to understand how the child-rearing environment influences
behavior, thoughts, and development.
Part 1:
Complete the Nature Nurture Debate Annotated Bibliography worksheet, which can be found
under Module 2. This worksheet provides five topics that can be debated within the
nature/nurture argument (Intelligence, Behavior, Emotion Regulation, Temperament/Personality,
and Language). You will find five peer reviewed journal articles from scholarly sources (one for
each topic) which could be used to support the argument of either nature or nurture for that
topic. You will provide an APA formatted reference for each article as well as a brief summary of
the article and an explanation of how it supports either the nature or nurture side of the debate.
Use the worksheet provided to help you organize this information.