This assignment focuses on Needs of Starship food delivery robot.There is also an analysis of Douglas & Celli, 2015 in regards to the report.

Needs of Starship food delivery robot : Douglas & Celli, 2015

Preparing the Report


The INS will prepare a report addressing the following (Douglas & Celli, 2015, pp. 169-171). The report should include an introduction and conclusion. Each question should be addressed and identified in the manuscript as a heading. The introduction should be 100-150 words. So,the introduction should include a purpose of the project. The introduction should inform the reader as to how the report is organized. The conclusion should be 100-150 words. So, the conclusion should key points of the project. Then, Review the OWL website regarding how to draft an introduction and conclusion.

The report should be supported by in the text references and a reference list. A minimum of 5 references. The report should be a minimum of 5 pages and not exceed 10 pages.

Needs of Starship food delivery robot : Douglas & Celli, 2015

Firstly, introduction – 100-150 words.

a.       Include a thesis/purpose statement

Secondly, What is the real problem to be solved and the goal to be met?

a.       What is the current state and what is the future state for School students obtaining food living in School housing? Use the phrases current state and future state. So, 100-150 words.

b.      Depict the workflow using swim lane diagrams. Besides, must create and submit swim lane diagrams for current state (As Is) and future state (To Be). Inform the reader why the swim lane diagrams are included. Then,  Label as a figure. Review

for more information regarding development of swim lanes

Needs of Starship food delivery robot : Douglas & Celli, 2015

Thirdly, what are the technical requirements/needs of the Starship food delivery robot? For example, what are the physical requirements for space, electrical needs, network requirements, Internet requirements, floor/sidewalk surface, hardware and software, interface application, battery life, length of time to charge? What is the range of the food delivery robot? Also, What are payment methods for food (for example, credit card, bitcoin, etc.)? Use the Starship robot to complete the technical specifications.150-300 words. Inform the reader why the figure is included. The following figure must be used to organize the content. Add more rows as needed. For example

Detailed Instructions

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