Choose ONE of the following to discuss/answer. 

When commenting on peer posts, be sure to engage with peers who chose different topics than yourself. Topic 1 – Neuromuscular Junction Define what the NMJ is and why it’s important for muscle contraction

. Explain in short the process of the NMJ signaling the muscle to contract. Note the difference between a motor unit and the NMJ. Explain how exercise impacts the NMJ – does it cause adaptations? Is this dependent on the type of exercise training done (aerobic vs strength training)? 

Topic 2 – Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types

 Define the various muscle fiber types in the human body.

 What are some of the major identifying characteristics of each?

 Explain which fiber types are used most for various types of activities. Note how these fibers are recruited when we begin exercising or need to have muscle contraction.

 Topic 3 – Muscle Contraction (Sliding Filament Theory) and Contraction Types 

Explain the sliding filament theory/contraction cycling and the major steps of muscle contraction. Note the active fibers, proteins, and substances involved.

 What are the various types of muscle contraction and what is one example of how we may use each in real life?

 Discussion Guidelines Follow-up Posts: One of your responses must be to a topic that was not your initial discussion topic.