Different classes of memory

Different types of amnesia

The case of H.M.


Animal testing of memory (e.g. spatial and short term)

Reciprocal connections in explicit memory/ unidirectional connections in implicit memory

Long Term Potentiation

Relationship to memory

Effects on synapses

Role of glutamate NMDA receptors

Role of glutamate AMPA receptors

Role of calcium

Long term memory and changing number of synapses

Neurotrophic factors


Chapter 15

Theories of why complex thought developed in humans

Example of how scientists explored the relationship between activity in neurons and perception

Association Cortex and role in multisensory integration

Attention and the effect of attention on the activity of neurons

Mirror neurons

Theory of Mind

How to test empathy in animals

Cerebral Asymmetry

Split brain patient studies

Role of Consciousness


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