Chapter 1 – Sociology in the Real World: Sociological Imagination

In chapter one you have read about C. Wright Mill and the Sociological Imagination. The Sociological Imagination can be used in understanding almost every aspect of our own lives. C. Wright Mills said that the Sociological Imagination comes from our ability to see the connection between “private troubles and “public Issues.”

Go to the link below to watch the video, C. Wright Mills – The Sociological Imagination. Next, answer the questions below.

Now answer the following questions:

What are some private troubles in your life that could be part of a larger social issue? Your initial post should discuss a personal trouble. This could be something like not having a job, or being a single parent or even a teenage parent. You should then discuss how it is part of a larger social issue, such as rising unemployment or rising divorce rates, etc. Be sure to describe in detail the larger social issue involved.

Next, read and respond to at least two other students’ posts. If you think other public issues could be involved, be sure to discuss those in your response to your classmate.

*Also, attached below is chapter one of C. Wright Mills’s book, The Sociological Imagination, for your reading pleasure. It’s a challenging read, though very insightful.