This assignment focuses on Benchmarking of Toyota. There is also an analysis of non-standardized processes. So, explain why each non-standardized process should be standardized to help reduce variation

Benchmarking of Toyota : non-standardized processes analysis

Benchmarking of Toyota

2 Identify at least two non-standardized processes within your own organization or one with which you are familiar. In view of this reality recognizing human limitations, it makes eminently good sense to consider the experience of others. Those who always go it alone ae doomed to perennially “reinvent the wheel,” for they do not learn and benefit from others’ progress. By systematically studying the best business practices, operating tactics and winning strategies of others. Such as an individual, team or organization can accelerate its own progress and improvement. So, create a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of methods that can used to reduce resistance to process change that addresses the following. Describe the two non-standardized processes selected.

Benchmarking of Toyota : non-standardized processes analysis

Explain why each non-standardized process should standardized to help reduce variation. If you believe that a non-standardized process should used. Therefore, explain why and how you will control variations in the application of this process.  Evaluate challenges/barriers that the selected organization may face in the implementation of the identified lean enterprise improvements.  Recommend strategies that your selected organization could use to reduce resistance to change. Also, explain how management can help organizations facilitate change by empowering employees and getting everyone involved in process improvement.

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