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Much discussion takes place regarding nursing membership on boards of trustees of organizations and systems. Discussions often reflect the historical perception and relationship of nurses to the healthcare organization, a frame of reference that challenges notions of nurses at the governance table. Yet nurses are more than 60% of patient care providers in healthcare organizations, representing the largest single stakeholder group offering healthcare services. Tradition allows that physicians are at the governance table, yet nurses are excluded. As a group, and in recognition of the significance of the profession of nursing in healthcare organizations, it is now time for you to make the argument for nursing representation on your healthcare systems board of trustees. Respond to the following questions to help construct your argument:

1. What unique value does the nurse representative bring to the board different from what is already present?

2. What area of expertise would you expect the nurse to contribute as a member of the board?

3. What skills and credentials would you suggest the nursing board member bring and how would you make sure this nurse represents the larger community?

4. Which principles of complexity leadership will the good nurse board member fulfill?

5. In what way is the advanced practice nurse involved in boards?