Ocean in the News 

Find an article on an ocean-related topic and write a 400 word summary (~1 full page, double-spaced. Font and formatting don’t matter too much as long as it’s legible and the length is adequate, but 12 point and double-spaced are generally preferred.

You may select an article from publications like Time Magazine, The Economist; scientific publications for the public such as Scientific American, Natural History, Discover, American Scientist, BioScience, or Science News; or the New York Times science section.

Write a brief summary of the article, why it’s important, and how it relates to something we talked about in class such as ocean basins and plate tectonics, the ocean in the earth system,properties of ocean water,the atmosphere and ocean, ocean currents, ocean waves and tides, the dynamic coast, Marine ecosystems, Life in the ocean, The Ocean atmosphere and climate variability, Ocean sediments, The ocean and climate change, Ocean exploration past and present, Ocean stewardship.