This assignment focuses on Ogalla Aquifer analysis. There is also a description of status of Ogallala Aquifer.So, who owns the Ogallala Aquifer

Ogalla Aquifer analysis : status of Ogallala Aquifer

 Assignment 5: Ogalla Aquifer

Paper details:

Chapter: Water Resources. Write a words note about the Ogalla Aquifer addressing the following points: Who owns the Ogallala Aquifer? n Describe the Aquifer. n Briefly highlight the depleting status of Ogallala Aquifer n Address some of the following questions in your write-up – Should we limit pumping? – How should we set limits to how much can be pumped by each party? – Should we estimate how much has been pumped in the past and assign responsibility for depletion, or should we start from a blank slate?

Ogalla Aquifer analysis : status of Ogallala Aquifer

– Should we plan for future generations and be conservative, or attend to the needs of the current population? But the miracle of new pumping technology was taking its toll below the prairie. By 1980 water levels had dropped by an average of nearly 10 feet throughout the region. In the central and southern parts of the High Plains some declines exceeded 100 feet. Concerned public officials turned to the U.S. Geological Survey, which has studied the aquifer since the early 1900s. With their state and local counterparts, USGS officials began monitoring more than 7,000 wells to assess the annual water-­level changes. Please include the total word count at the end of your summary.

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