The assignment describes Impact of COVID-19 on Mental health. Additionally, there is a description of Cognitive-behavioral Approach. So, emphasizes the importance of the early experience.

Impact of COVID-19 on Mental health – Cognitive-behavioral Approach

Paper details:

APA style must include: page number, running head (capitalized), title page with a running head, levels of headings essay: application of the relevant theories (40%), evidence-based argument and critical thinking (40%), and overall writing and grammar (20%). theories can be chosen to apply in the essay below: The psychodynamic perspective Id: source of instinctual drives and is the first structure to appear in infancy Ego: second part of the personality that develops after the first few months of life super ego.

Impact of COVID-19 on Mental health – Cognitive-behavioral Approach

Third part of personality that emerges from the ego the object-relations theory focuses on individuals ‘interactions with real and imagined other people (external and internal objects) an done the relationships people experience with their external and internal objects attachment theory: developed by john Bowlby; emphasizes the importance of the early experience(particularly with attachment) as laying the foundation for later functioning attribution theory: has contributed to the cognitive-behavioral approach.

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