This assignment focuses on Operation Iraqi Freedom. There is also an analysis of ground operation of campaign. So, Please incorporate the following in specific heading: 1) Ends will be incorporated in heading “Military end state” .

Operation Iraqi Freedom-ground operation of campaign

This paper is a history paper on Operation Iraqi Freedom. So, the focus is on the ground operation of campaign. Below are some specific requirements: The 4 Level 1 heading are 1) Military end state 2) Lines of operation and lines of effort 3) Direct and indirect Approach 4) Anticipation. Please incorporate the following in specific heading: 1) Ends will  incorporated in heading “Military end state” 2) Ways will be incorporated in “Lines of operation and lines effort 3) Means will  incorporated in Direct and indirect support 4) Risk will  incorporated in “Anticipation” 2 references that covers information can  found in JP 5-0 Joint Planning (16 Jun 2017) and JP 3-0 (17 Jan 2017).Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 ended in Iraq’s defeat by a U.S.-led coalition in the Persian Gulf War (1990–91).

Operation Iraqi Freedom-ground operation of campaign

However, the Iraqi branch of the Baʿth Party, headed by Ṣaddām Ḥussein, managed to retain power by harshly suppressing uprisings of the country’s minority Kurds and its majority Shīʿite Arabs.Operational Art and Design Minimum of 5 references. Also, please define terms provide an example Give an analysis on evidence given. Also, please consider the following: did the operation designed focused on defeating either adversary forces, functions or a combination of both? So, what were the military’s objectives? I understand short notice, but am I able to get an outline on 22 April by 2: 00 pm? Something simple as things will change through research.

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