This assignment focuses on Operational inefficiencies between Patient Satisfaction. There is also a description of  Inpatient Care and Hospital Readmission within 30 days.

Operational inefficiencies between Patient Satisfaction : Inpatient Care and Hospital Readmission

Topic: Examining operational inefficiencies between Patient Satisfaction with Inpatient Care and Hospital Readmission within 30 days


Paper details:

Approval Process. So,the subject of the case report must approved by the Instructor before the student proceeds with the project. Besides,the topic must submitted in writing and include the following information. So,precise title of the case report. Descriptive statement of a few sentences explaining the area of inquiry, Explanation of the administrative functions to be examined in the report. Then,statement of reasons for selecting the topic. Selection of Subject The selection of the subject matter is the responsibility of the student.

Operational inefficiencies between Patient Satisfaction : Inpatient Care and Hospital Readmission

Present or prior working experience in the health services field provides the resources for the report. In considering an administrative problem, the student should keep the following factors in mind: Is it an administrative problem of some significance? Is it a problem frequently encountered in the field of health services administration? Does the problem involve basic administrative functions, such as planning, organization, coordination, staffing, control or evaluation?

Additionally, does the problem offer relevant learning opportunities for other class members? Does its resolution involve original or creative thinking? The case report must deal with administrative concepts and is not a “How to do it” report. The report must relate to function (planning, organizations, coordination, staffing, control evaluation, etc.) rather than routine procedural operations. Also,the subject can deal with medical staff, board, education, community, relations, materials management, marketing, purchasing, etc.  The intention of this assignment is to report on a real life administrative situation that the student has participated in. Or has a great deal of “real situation” information. If the student does not have access to this information then a researched “administrative situation” will be utilized with permission from the instructor.

Detailed Instructions


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