This assignment focuses on Oral cancer screening programs . There is also an analysis on Views from Survivors’ Perspectives.

Oral cancer screening programs : Views from Survivors’ Perspectives

Please refer to the following prompt/websites to write the essay.  3. Oral Cancer Screening Programs and Views from Survivors’ Perspectives.  One of the most popular community service programs of the year, the oral Cancer Walk/Run, is postponed this year due to the COVID shutdown. This event combines community oral cancer screening with both professional and consumer education.

Views from Survivors’ Perspectives

As a first step, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation web site (Links to an external site.) to view the scope of their programs regarding professional education, consumer education and community oral cancer screening. In the first part of the paper, please provide a summary of best practices in professional education, consumer education and community oral cancer screening. Every year, the highlight of Penn’s Oral Cancer Walk is the chance to hear from survivors and their families about their experiences in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In order to simulate this experience, please visit the sites below that include “survivor stories”. Then,  select at least three individuals and summarize their stories as the second part of the paper.

Views from Survivors’ Perspectives (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.).  In the final section, explain how the information from these web sites. Also,  reflection will help you to complete thorough oral cancer examinations with a wide range of patients, both at community clinics and at Penn.

Detailed Instructions


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