Write an 12-page analytical essay on the problematic nature of the memoir as a historical source in understanding racism, or ideologies of racial superiority. Use the four course texts as your main source of evidence. Analysis is a Greek word meaning to break apart or loosen up. You will break apart the memoir as a historical source into its components: Who wrote it? What does it say? What is the perspective? What does it tell us about racism? What issues do memoirs pose as historical sources? Why are these memoirists writing down their memories? How do they shape their narrative to convey a particular message? Do they have an agenda? What do these books offer that a work of historical scholarship couldn’t? These are just types of questions to ask; you don’t need to answer them systematically. Provide an original thesis statement to explore these issues within a cohesive framework, incorporating course memoirs and relevant peer-reviewed articles. 


General Information on Content:

    • Give specific examples for your arguments or assertions; avoid vague and general statements.
    • Provide a clear structure: cohesive paragraphs with lead sentences, smooth transitions between paragraphs, and a clear agenda of key points or arguments.
    • Do not use second person (you, your, you’re).
    • Do not overdo the quotations. Keep them to a minimum.
    • Proofread paper to avoid mistakes such as misspellings and wrong words (e.g., there for their).
    • General Information on Form:
      • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.). You are required to cite sources using footnotes or endnotes.
      • Start numbering of the pages after the title page (i.e., page 1 is the first page of text).
      • Provide an original title.
      • Do not divide the paper into subsections with subtitles.
      • Number the pages and provide double- spaced text with an 11-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides.
      • The font is optional provided it is readable.

I will argue that memoirs can enhance our knowledge of a historical event like genocide because they give the reader a firsthand account of the emotional turbulence and mental stress that the victims endure; however, we should use them critically and with caution because this traumatic experience can also distort the recollection of events and should not be primary historical documents because they provide a single perspective that is often naïve or sheltered, omit important historical context or details about events, and do not accurately always identify the roles that different people play in an event.


 Also, we have to cite from the memoirs Goodbye, Antoura by Karnig Panian and All but my Life by gerda Klein, giving at least specific scenes from the two memoirs. You can see them for free on Z-library!!! They both talk about two different genocides. The paper also requres three peer reviewed articles.. I will link them down below for the articles to use, but let me know if not accessible, for it is a pdf through google docs. 










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