Choose one of the following issues that you can best analyze in terms of ignorance and put it in Plato’s cave:


Do not get confused – you are discussing the idea that racists/terrorists/sexists hate, harm or disrespect other people because of their ignorance (lack of knowledge, understanding).

Explain how well the notion of the cave applies to the selected issue present in modern society. Describe it explicitly in the terms used in the Allegory (shadows, shackles, prisoners, cave, sun, fire, puppets, stairs, outside world… ) to show that you understand the story.

In conclusion give me your opinion (and elaborate it clearly) whether Socratic notion that people do wrong because of their ignorance applies to the chosen issue. If possible give some examples.

Please, in the first line of your initial post write the only the chosen topic in capital letters (“SEXISM”, “RACISM” or “TERRORISM”), then leave one line break (press “ENTER” twice) before you start writing your answer.


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