Identify an existing company and imagine you have been brought in to help the company increase its future success. In 8-10-pages, address the following:

  1. Briefly identify the company and provide a short explanation of why the company is seeking growth through one, two, or three of the following grand strategies (select one, two, or three of the listed grand strategies that you believe as best choices for future successes).
  2. Write a grand strategy plan addressing the expansion using one, two, or three of the following grand strategies:
    1. Concentrated growth
    2. Market development
    3. Product development
    4. Innovation
    5. Horizontal acquisition
    6. Vertical acquisition
    7. Concentric diversification
    8. Conglomerate diversification
    9. Turnaround
    10. Divestiture
    11. Liquidation
    12. Bankruptcy
    13. Joint ventures
    14. Strategic alliances
    15. Consortia, Keiretsus, and Chaebols.

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