Option 1: Place Knowing

The first option will be a practice and exercise of place description, interpretation, and of ‘reading and knowing place.’ There are two components to this option you must complete.

First component: you will identify one place you know directly and experience firsthand. This can be of any ordinary place, area, or landscape. This can be of a location you interact with in your daily life, such as your daily or weekly routines in a specific area that you know well. Pick an area you already know well. You are free to pick any area.

Once selected, create a simple map of the area, and attach a representative picture that you took. The picture must be of a place typically accessible by the public and the picture must not include any identifiable information of people in the picture (e.g., do not take pictures that can identify people’s faces or other identifying information). The map can be simple and can be drawn on paper with pen or created digitally. No need to be artistic in this map. The purpose of this map is simply to outline what area you chose. Title the map, draw out its boundaries and its major features (e.g., intersections, shopping centre and commercial activities, river, ravine, farmer fields, graveyard, major intersection, buildings, roads, residential housing), and label them with some text to indicate what those locations are.

Second component: Write a five-to-seven-page essay doing a place and landscape interpretation exercise. The Meinig and Lewis reading, among others, posted on Moodle will assist. In doing this place analysis, keep in mind the following five themes: description, purpose, access, sense, and values:

– A description of this place: What do you see? What buildings, names (e.g., street names, building names), or other material elements of this place are found? Is it a natural place? Is it a humanly constructed place? Or both? Is it newly constructed or run-down and a place with ‘older’ traces? Are these signages (e.g., ads, billboards, etc.) and what are they? Is there graffiti?

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