task 1

Given the context of Tesco’s main activities, what are the main issues prevalent in influencing its future internationalisation agenda?  In your response, consider the issues for both the firm and the grocery retail sector in which it operates.

task 2

After announcing its entry to the US market in 2006, Tesco failed to sustain its presence in the USA and retreated in 2013.  Critically evaluate the extent to which this was due to company firm-specific advantages and/or the lack of location advantages in the USA.

task 3

Identify: the geographic (country) targets; their historical sequence; and entry modes for Tesco’s international expansion to date.  To what extent do these conform to established theory and thinking on patterns of international expansion?

task 4

Critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities for Tesco in securing supply chains in its international expansion strategy.  Consider Tesco’s firm-specific advantages in managing its supply chains for competitive advantage.


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