Answer one of the three questions using evidence (quotations and paraphrases) from both the Iyengar Textbook and the Video Lectures, (750 words)


Question Options (Choose ONE of the following for a 750 word essay with citations):

How does the perspective of the mass media shared by Adorno and Horkheimer compare to the vision of the news media that Chomsky and McChesney have?

Can you explain the fundamental differences between the two approaches to studying media–that of Iyengar and Political Science on the one hand, and that of Adorno, Chomsky, and McChesney on the other, using examples?

Explain how McChesney’s explanation of the rise and decline of the American news media influences the options that lie ahead for the future, in keeping with his analytical perspective.



Also summarize TWO peer reviewed journal articles that seem to address the below questions. (250 word summary):



Summary of the two peer reviewed sources (found on JSTOR, dated no earlier than 2015) should include the title and author and date in the citation, as well as a summary of the question they asked in their research, what they did (the method they used) to find new information or data, the conclusions or findings they reached, and what could be done to either challenge or support their findings (a new method or updated or more thorough information).


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