Critically analyse the key influences on the notion of policing by consent, focusing on how policing practices maintain public trust.
Within your essay you will need to place a spotlight on the role community policing / neighbourhood policing plays in public cooperation as well as current risks to these concepts.

Further Guidance
Start by defining policing by consent and how this notion shapes modern policing. You may want to consider how policing legitimacy and procedural justice influence public trust.
Discuss the perceived importance of a community based policing approach to the continued good will of the people.
Finally you will bring your discussion to the modern arena, providing a critical perspective on recent developments in policing that influence the ready cooperation of the public.

Remember that this is an academic essay. You must include a brief introduction, which offers any relevant key definitions and a summary of what will be discussed within your response. The main body of your response should be paragraphed, and each paragraph should be separated by a line space. Each paragraph should focus on one key point, and you should ensure each paragraph links together. Finally your essay should end with a conclusion; this should summarise the key points and, most importantly, provide and answer to the question or response to the task.


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