As our course comes to an end I want to discuss some take-aways. Here are some final thoughts (courtesy of M. Stevenson). 

  • To give students a broad overview of the functionality and scope of ERP systems.
  • To provide students with hands-on exposure to an ERP system (with access to all business functions).
  • To provide students with hands-on experience of configuring an ERP system for an organization.
  • To allow students to develop an appreciation of the complexities of configuring an ERP system (one element of the implementation process).
  • To provide students with hands-on experience of performing transactions with an ERP system.
  • To help students develop an understanding of the value to an organization of integrated and centralized ERP systems.

For this discussion, read the following article: Embedding Hands On Experience with ERP Systems into University Courses Aligning Academic and Industry Needs.pdf  (see uploaded file)

In your intial post, please help me add to the list. From the information we’ve covered in our course, address the following questions:

  1. What is the most important piece of knowledge you will take from this course and use to improve your career?
  2. Has completing this course changed how you will perceive your career and your role in industry and if so, what specifically changed?

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