Read the following scenario, and write one or two paragraphs to answer each of the sub-questions below: 


Consider a small, but growing, company that distributes kitchen supplies. The customers are primarily small retailers such as kitchen specialty stores, hardware stores, and other types of home retail stores. Managers currently keep track of all customers, orders, and inventory information using a spreadsheet. 


(5) Describe in detail the Sales Cycle in such an organization, including the different stages of the cycle and the type of information that would be processed in each stage of the cycle. 


(5) How would a TPS help the managers of this company keep track of orders and inventory? What would the advantage be in automating this process? 


(5) Identify and discuss two (2) Managerial level decisions, and two (2) strategic decisions that can be made within this company. Explain your reasoning. 


(5) If a TPS was set up to automate the order entry and inventory system, design (draw) one example of reports that could be produced at the Managerial Level, and one example of a report that could be produced at the Strategic Level. Explain/describe the reports.


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