Write a 1500-word report that outlines and analyzes one of the issues from your proposal. This 

is to be completed independently. Each paper topic should be unique. It is not sufficient to 

simply describe the stage of the food system or food chain. For example, it is not sufficient to 

simply describe how coffee is produced or processed. You will find that each stage of the food 

system/food supply chain will have any number of sub-issues. Think about the social 

implications of each topic. Think about: Who are the winners and losers during the production 

of the food item? Who holds the power in the processing of your item? What knowledges are 

considered most important and valuable during the promotion or marketing of your food item? 

This paper will examine the production portion of chicken in the the food supply chain system 

Content and style requirements: The writing of an assignment from a sociological perspective 

requires the primary use of scholarly sources, such as scholarly journals, or books. The report 

should be approximately 1,500 words (+/-) 50 words. The abstract is included in this word count. 

This word count does NOT include the title page or bibliography. Use Times New Roman, 12-

point font size, and double line spacing. You are required to include a full reference list of all 

materials used in the paper. 

• Sources of Evidence: At least four scholarly sources (peer-reviewed) journals, book 

chapters or books, plus the required textbook (Koc, Sumner, & Winson, 2021) are 

included (for a minimum of five references). There is a list of suitable sources in Chapter 

1 of the text on page 13. The list on page 13 includes examples of suitable sources. Feel 

free to use other scholarly and peer reviewed sources. Currency and quality: Sources are 

carefully selected, with attention to timeliness and relevance. 

• Application and Relevance: Research is appropriate and relevant for the assignment topic 

and sufficiently integrated into the analysis. 

• Non-scholarly Sources: In addition to scholarly sources, you may include other relevant 

sources from media or web sources to highlight current discourse on the topic. Analysis 

provides context for why these sources are relevant, and how they relate to the research 

presented. See note below. 

• Follow APA guidelines for citation format (APA 7th edition preferred) – see Ryerson 

University Library’s Citation Guide. 

In addition to sociological sources, you may require other data, such as government data from 

Statistics Canada, Health Canada, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-

FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), or other reputable sources such as Food Secure 

Canada (FSC) to provide a rationale for your argument. If you are providing any context for your 

paper from news sources, please note that these are NOT scholarly sources and will NOT count 

towards your minimum required number of scholarly sources. For example: 

• Newspaper articles (Toronto Star, The National Post, Huffington Post, etc.) 

• Magazine articles (Macleans, Newsweek, The Economist) 

• Encyclopedia reference (including Wikipedia) 

• Dictionary references 

• Non-scholarly websites, blogs, etc. 



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