To help you make further connections between course content and business pratice, you are required to write a report on a transportation company. For this report, you will be asked to identify a for0hire transportation carrier that is , preferably, publicly trade and

 to provide a detailed briefling of the comapny. You should identify basic information about the company  such as whrer the carrier 

is based as well as is operating territory, its stock symbol (if applicable), top management team, and financial performance.

You should then take a deeper look at the firm. Though by no means an exhaustive lise, some of the questions you may attempt to 

address are as follows: What are some of the serivces that the company provides? Are there any new services that the firm is intending to offer or has recently started? Who are some of its largest customers? Who are some of its biggest competitors? What other

 items of note did you learn about the company?


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