Tropical deforestation is a result of a number of human activities including 
commercial logging, fuel wood collection, cattle ranching, large-scale development projects, and agriculture. 

In this essay, you are required to: 

(i) Identify the most important types of activities that currently contribute to tropical deforestation, and compare how these factors differentially influene deforestation across regions. 

(ii) Describe the environmental implications of deforestation. 

(iii) Summarize the economic and/or market mechanisms used to reduce forest degradation.

Suggested sources: 

1. Geist, H.J and Lambin, E.F. (2002). Proximate causes and underlying driving forces of tropical deforestation. BioScience, 52(2), 143-150. 

2. Kummer, D. and Turner, B. (1994). The human causes of deforestation in Southeast Asia. BioScience, 44, 323-328. 

3. Nepstad, D., Soares-Filho, B.S., Merry, F. et al. (2009). The end of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Science, 326, 1350-1351. 

4. Rudel, T.K., Defries, R. Asner, G.P. and Laurance, W.F. (2009). Changing drivers of deforestation and new opportunities for conservation. Conservation Biology, 23, 1396-1405. 


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