This is a SQL lab paper for WGU. 


I have provided documentation and a link to SQL Fiddle that will need to be used to create the SQL table. The papers for this lab will need to be in two different PDF documents labeled as follows. 

– VHT2 Task 1:A

– VHT2 Task 1:B

The instructions below will fully explain this as well. 

(1). VHT2 TASK 1 Instructions pt1.docx: This document will give you the introduction and the scenario that this lab is based on. It will give starting instructions as well. 

(2).Instructions pt2.docx: This document is the “requirements and instructions on the lab. For construction and labeling purposes of the PDFs copy and paste the section from the document “Instructions pt2” and the provide the answer underneath.

– A. 1. a. Assign each attribute……..


(3). Rubric.docx: Will explain how the lab will be graded. 


(4).  : link to SQL Fiddle.


(5). The rest of the documents are for reference and will be pointed to throughout the lab from the “Instructions pt2” documents. 

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