Viewing Guide: The Roman Empire in the First Century: Order from Chaos

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  1. Octavian was born into a wealthy but not particularly connected family. What changed when Octavian turned 13, in 49 BCE?
  2. How did Octavian respond to the murder of Julius Caesar?
  3. What did Marc Antony do that resulted in the final civil war of the Roman Republic? How did Octavian win? How was Octavian greeted by the people of Rome when he returned in 29 BCE?
  4. How did the poet Ovid try to meet the expectations of his father, the head of the household with absolute power? How did Rome’s empire offer opportunities for Ovid?
  5. How did Augustus (he was no longer called Octavian) avoid the fate of Julius Caesar? How did he keep both the Senatorial and plebeian classes happy?
  6. Starting in 23 BCE, how did Augustus gain even more power?
  7. How did Augustus use traditional Roman religion, morality, and social order to his advantage?
  8. How did Ovid’s poetry contrast with Augustus’ emphasis on traditional morals?
  9. In what ways did women such as Julia, Augustus’ daughter, challenge certain gender roles? Why did Augustus eventually punish Julia?
  10. Juvenal illustrated Roman realities in what ways?
  11. Why were Augustus and others so concerned “to provide a secure system after he’d gone?”
  12. What happened in 9 CE? How did Augustus react? What happened to Ovid?



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