Answer the following questions about the Films on Demand video below. Type your responses into a word document and upload the file. 

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  1. The volcanic eruption of April 2010 in Iceland created an ash cloud that covered the sky all the way to what continent?
  2. If magma starts to move, what happens to the ground above it?
  3. What was produced inside of the volcano in Iceland due to ash creating electric sparks?
  4. How did the Icelandic eruption affect air traffic?
  5. What type of volcano is located at Yellowstone National Park?
  6. Which tectonic plates have the most active edges?
  7. What major countries are in the Ring of Fire?
  8. Why is the location of the volcano at Yellowstone so unique?
  9. How many years has passed since the last volcanic eruption at Yellowstone?
  10. Do seismic waves travel faster through cold solid rock or hot and molten rock?
  11. What is a mantle plume?
  12. How many times has Vesuvius erupted in the last 2,000 years?
  13. What is happening to the ground in Naples? What is causing it?
  14. What volcano is located in Washington just south of Seattle?
  15. What is lahar?
  16. What would happen if the ice on Mt. Rainier mixed with hot lava?
  17. What year was the last eruption of Mt. Rainier?
  18. What volcano near Mt. Rainier had a major eruption in the 1980s?
  19. What did scientists notice about the temperature of the streams on Mt. Rainier?
  20. What happened to the streams on Mt. St. Helens leading up to its eruption?

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